Facebook for Business Online Course

Duration: 15 hours/60 day access

This comprehensive Facebook for Business online course will guide you through how to use Facebook more effectively as a marketing tool for your business. You will carry out research about why you want to use Facebook and what you want to achieve from using it as a marketing tool.

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Facebook for business

The course includes access to the learning materials for 60 days. It comprises of approximately 15 hours of high quality audio and visual content.  

You will investigate who your Facebook audience will be, and where to find them as well as what to say on Facebook and how to encourage engagement.

The course covers everything you need to know to get started with your business marketing on Facebook. You will learn how to create both personal and business profiles that are optimized. You will learn about Facebook Groups and Business Pages, how to attract an audience and what content to use and the right time to post.

The content is broken down into manageable learning objects:

  • Learning Object 1: Facebook Basics – What and Why – What is Facebook and why use it? Are people leaving Facebook?, Ways to engage on Facebook, Facebook for personal use, Facebook for Business use, About Facebook Groups and Which profile to use.
  • Learning Object 2: Personal Facebook – Creating a Facebook personal account, Facebook terminology, A Facebook personal timeline, Setting personal security, Finding friends, Using lists, Status updates, Facebook for Mobile and Using Facebook Groups.
  • Learning Object 3: Facebook for Business – Social media marketing, Facebook for Business, Groups or Business pages?, Business Page vs Personal Profile, Keywords, Creating a Business Page, Improving your Business Page, Status updates, Local pages, Events, Facebook Apps and Managing Business Page issues.
  • Learning Object 4: Developing Engagement on a Business Page – Attracting fans, What to post, When to post, Improving engagement, Pages to watch, Running competitions on Facebook, Advertising on Facebook and Facebook for Mobile.
  • Learning Object 5: Measuring Engagement on a Business Page – Embedded posts, Measuring success of a Business Page, Measuring advertisements, Relevance score and Best practice on Facebook.

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