Successful Social Media Marketing to Increase Sales – Virtual Workshop

Duration: 4 webinars/ 4 weeks

In this highly interactive online workshop, learn how to successfully increase sales for your business through the use of Social Media Marketing.

  • Social media
  • Webinar

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webinar series


What Will I Learn?

During the webinar series, we will work through a Social Media Marketing Strategy Model.  We will cover:

-          A review of the business and its competitors

-          Segmentation of customers

-          The audience the business wants to connect with on social

-          Choosing appropriate marketing channels for the audience

-          Legal aspects of content creation

-          Content creation for the buyer journey, relationship marketing and lead generation

-          Creating content and social media profiles to be found

-          Measuring success using Key Performance indicators

-          Resources (time and budget) required for social media marketing

-          Creating social media guidelines and managing risk

-          Creating a social media strategy


Detailed Syllabus

In this course, you will learn to complete the following documents:

-          Competitor Analysis

-          Customer Checklist

-          Content Plan

-          Channel Selection

-          Content Ideas

-          Measurement factors

-          Social Media marketing strategy

Other information

How Will I Learn?

-          4 interactive workshops (1 per week) with activities to complete between each session and Assignments to complete after each webinar. These will be assessed and returned to you with personal constructive feedback.  We aim for the feedback to enhance your learning as well as improve how you are using digital marketing. 

Will I be Supported?

During the webinars, you will be able to ask questions via text chat as well as  talk to the trainers by email or WhatsApp (max 2 hours in total) if required and you will get individual personal feedback on your Assignment work.   


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