Presenting With Excellence With PowerPoint

Duration: 3 Days

Business depends on EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION. Presentations and style can win or lose business. Can you depend on your team to perform to their very best when presenting to important clients? This programme, designed to deliver a professional presentation, on a technical and personal level, and is offered to your company in order to make your presentations memorable. Identify areas for development and empower delegates by raising their levels of consciousness, and equipping them with key presenting skills.

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An effective presentation aims to change the audience and get them thinking or acting differently by truly engaging them with a clear focused message, logical arguments and compelling visuals combined with a passionate delivery that evokes emotions.


Deliver presentations passionately & confidently & professionally

Learn how to create clear, structured & logical designs to communicate your message clearly

Deliver presentations passionately & confidently

Enliven your presentation skills with tips and techniques to look like a pro

Give the Audience What They Want


Target audience

This course can be attended by persons with little or no experience in delivering presentations or in using Microsoft PowerPoint. Of particular note, this course is of great use to persons in the Human Resources Professional  field, Sales and Marketing personnel, or persons just needed to be better at public speaking, whether internally to co-workers or externally to customers.

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