Micro Learning – Microsoft Excel – Tables

Duration: 2 hrs

Less than 2% of Excel users are making use of the huge efficiency gains available with Excel Tables, which is crazy because Tables are dead easy to use and they automate time saving techniques like: • Dynamic named ranges that automatically update formulas, PivotTables and charts • Formatting, like banded rows or columns • Sorting and filtering • Totals and statistics

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In this mini-course you’ll learn everything you need to know about working with Tables in under 2 hours. You’ll be up to speed and getting your work done faster in no time.

Requires Microsoft Excel 2013 or greater. Persons still using version 2010 or prior will not have access to the Slicer feature.

Target audience

This course is for every Excel user who don’t use Tables or who are using Tables but only scratching the surface

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