Micro Learning – Microsoft Word – Formatting Documents

Duration: 2 hrs

This workshop provides comprehensive information on document formatting options in Microsoft Word. Over 30 years accumulated experience writing Word documents, flyers, certificates, signs and more packed into this 2 hr workshop.

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See how experts make their Word documents look better and more professional. Microsoft Word 365/2019/2016/2013 versions.

Font effects, paragraphs, tabs, borders, lists, numbering, tables, text boxes, styles and many special formatting tricks for all occasions.

Detailed Syllabus

Change Word Defaults

How to change the default font in Word?  It’s a staple of ‘Word Tips’ columns. Sure, we’ll show you how to do that, but we’ll also show how to change other Word defaults like page size, line spacing, paragraph settings and more.

Better than Galleries

Modern Office has many Galleries, lists of pre-set designs and options that are quick and easy to use.  Perhaps too quick and too easy because too many documents look the same even when they come from different authors.

Lists, Lists and more lists

So many list options in Word:

  • Bullet
  1. Numbered

2.a Multilevel

All the options to make lists that suit you, or your employer.

SmartArt is a graphic way to display lists that’s worth considering.

Formatting Tricks

So many possibilities to make your documents look great.

Drop Capswith many choices including fancy lettering, colors and even pictures.

Highlighting isn’t just for marking up a document.

Tables and Text Boxes

Word Tables are intended to present grids of information, but they have another use in solving difficult formatting problems.

Similarly, Text Boxes are a lot more powerful than the name suggests. The name ‘Text Boxes’ is a lie. They can contain a lot more than just text and don’t have to be boxes!

Target audience

All users of Microsoft Word, from Novices to Professional Administrative Professionals

Advantage Caribbean Institute