Micro Learning – Microsoft Excel – Conditional Formatting

Duration: 2 hrs

Conditional formatting is a feature in excel spreadsheet that allows you to apply specific formatting to cells/range that meet the specified criteria/condition. Mostly formatting rule is used as color-based formatting to highlight or distinguish among data and information stored in an excel sheet.

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  • Conditional formatting formula provides the functionality to highlight cells with a certain colour, depending on the cell’s value or specific condition.
  • It is a fantastic way to quickly visualize data in an excel sheet. By conditional formatting rules in Excel, you can highlight data with provided criteria.
  • It allows you to visually analyze your data, based on a large number of condition types,
    • Greater than, Less than, Between
    • Above / Below Average
    • Top / Bottom 10
    • Top / Bottom 10%
    • Duplicates / Unique
    • Dates – Dynamic or a fix date range
    • Text containing

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