ACCA Tuition: PM Performance Management

Duration: 18 weeks

Students develop the knowledge and skills in the application of management accounting techniques to quantitative and qualitative information for planning, decision-making, performance evaluation and control.

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Session 1 Management Information Systems
Session 2 Activity Based Costing
Session 3 Throughput Accounting &Target Costing
Session 4 Lifecycle Costing and Environmental Accounting 
Session 5 Cost Volume Profit (CVP) Analysis
Session 6 Limiting factor analysis
Session 7 Short-term decisions
Session 8 Pricing decisions
Session 9 Risk and uncertainty
Session 10 Budgetary systems &Quantitative analysis in budgeting
Session 11 Budgeting and standard costing
Session 12 Variance analysis
Session 13 Planning and Operational Variances
Self Study Performance  analysis and Behavioural aspects
Session 14 Performance Management Information Systems
Session 15 Sources of Management Information and Management Reports
Session 16 Performance measurement in private sector organisations
Session 17 Divisional performance and transfer Pricing
Session 18 Further aspects of performance management

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