Certified Agile Strategy Execution Professional

Duration: 5 days

-Expand your knowledge and skills in strategy management; -Get a toolkit to assist you every step of the strategy execution process; -Avoid common pitfalls in strategy execution organization.

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A significant percentage of strategies fail in the execution phase and this is no novelty for most Executives. Strategy execution must effectively engage different organizational capabilities and a variety of resources. Reasons for failure vary from poor leadership to inability to secure budget or drive actual change in the organization. Regardless, of what lies behind every failed strategic initiative, it is essential for Executives to equip themselves with the right tools to design a proper framework to implement strategic decisions.
In today’s high demanding and dynamic markets, an effective and efficient strategy execution capability can represent a key competitive advantage.
The Certified Agile Strategy Execution course is developed on a proprietary framework developed by The KPI Institute for strategy implementation. It not only presents best practices, but provides actual advice, process maps and instruments to ensure a successful strategy execution.

Target audience

 > Individuals interested in performance management

Entrepreneurs, analysts, and professionals from different fields, interested in performance management, will acquire the knowledge needed to better understand performance management. The ability to network extensively and the possibility of sharing knowledge and personal experiences make this course a unique learning experience that facilitates the acquisition and assimilation of performance management skills.

> Top/middle/lower management professionals

Individuals from top/middle/lower management and their respective organizations, regardless of their field of expertise, will be glad to discover that the “Certified Performance Management Professional” course provides the pillars, tools, and resources required for the effective implementation of a Performance Management System within their organizations.

> Performance management experts

Professionals who occupy positions such as Strategy Managers, Performance Manager or Performance Architects, who already use certain practices within their organizations or have already implemented certain processes and tools, now have the opportunity to check whether their business activity lives up to the standards and thus, to identify improvement opportunities. 

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