Introduction to Computers with Microsoft Word

Duration: 1 day

This course is for those who have never used a computer, those who have no computer skills, and those who have some computer experience but no formal training proving their knowledge or skills. Participants will learn introductory topics in Microsoft Windows, Understanding use of Internet; and Basic Microsoft Word Skills. Introduction to Microsoft Word & Microsoft Excel for users with no previous knowledge, or limited experience in the use of these applications.

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Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify various kinds of computers, from mainframes to microcomputers
  • Distinguish between computer hardware and software
  • Identify the main parts of a personal computer
  • List several ways that networking extends the capabilities of a personal computer
  • List several precautions to follow to prevent damage to a computer
  • List several ways to protect data from being corrupted, stolen, or destroyed
  • Distinguish differences among copyrighted software, shareware, and freeware
  • Start, shut down, and restart a personal computer
  • Display information about the operating system and the desktop
  • Use Desktop icons to start programs
  • Use Taskbar shortcuts to start programs
  • Identify the parts of an application window
  • Manage folders and files
  • Microsoft Word
    • Understand the use of Save As, Save, and Open Files
    • Browse Folders
    • Understand Keyboard Layout – Symbols & Character use
    • Use Quick Correct
    • Align Text
    • Display Text in Bulleted format
    • Understand Print Options



Target audience

Novice/ Beginner

Advantage Caribbean Institute