Voltage Security Email

Voltage Security are a partner of Advantage Caribbean.

Voltage is a leader in data security and encryption, specializing in making encryption user-friendly.  Voltage has over 1000 customers internationally, including Fortune 500 companies, Government Agencies, large and small Financial Institutions. The common denominators in choosing Voltage are its ease of use and low cost of ownership.

When security solutions are easy to use, people use them more often and effectively.  Based on this simple principle, you will see these benefits emerge:

  • Compliance: Ensure that your email satisfies regulatory requirements.
  • Brand Strengthening/Protection:  Secure email not only protects the data but also reinforces your brand and image to partners and customers further building trust in the relationship.
  • Business to Business: Strengthening trust while communicating with clients, partners, consultants, accountants, or attorneys.  Users can send the data anytime, to anyone, without having to go through the IT Department first.
  • Business to Consumer:  Voltage is easy enough for everyone to use, even with web based mail – Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo accounts.
  • Internal Security:  SecureMail integrates into your Microsoft Office Outlook allowing you to encrypt and send confidential client information, sensitive HR documents, financial data and strategic executive communication.

Find out more from Voltage including a free two-week trial version, and purchase licenses.

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