Skills Assessment Test

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Kenexa Prove It!? gives you the power to identify and?select the most talented candidates. It includes over 1,000?validated assessments for clerical, software, call center, behavioral, financial, healthcare, industrial and technical job classifications.


prove it! by IBM Kenexa?

Skills Assessment Test

The benefits

? Identifies qualified candidates quickly
? Improves screening process
? Simulates desktop applications
? Identifies training needs
? Offers free learning tools

What you get

Access to one (1) assessment for one (1) person

1000 Tests are available – See full list


  • Internet or PC Delivery
    Our Internet assessment tool,, provides?assessment solutions to your candidates and clients anywhere, anytime, without the hassle of software upgrades.?Stand-alone or LAN software versions are available for those?who prefer to install the same quality assessments right to?their desktop.
  • Easy Administration
    Simply match candidates with appropriate tests and let?Kenexa? Prove It!? do the rest.
  • Proven Test Validity
    Tests are developed by subject-matter experts to ensure?content validity, and a validation study is available on request.
  • Versatile Question Sets
    Each test contains questions for basic, intermediate and?advanced skill levels. You can verify depth of knowledge with a single assessment.
  • Win Sales
    Complement your services by demonstrating Kenexa?s??best-in-class? skills and behavioural assessments to?prospective clients.
  • Improves Your Screening Process
    Leverage cutting-edge technology to achieve superior?results.
  • Data Analysis Tools
    Obtain the information you need, from a general summary?to a detailed analysis. Kenexa Prove It! lets you generate time-specific reports, view test score rankings by test title or?complete history and create reports with results that exceed?specified percentages.
  • Free Learning Tools
    Kenexa Prove It! has developed a series of interactive tutorials?to complement the Microsoft Office offering. These learning?exercises are provided as a value-added solution, at no?additional cost to the client.
  • International Language Tests
    Kenexa Prove It! offers Microsoft Office Assessments that are?available in a variety of languages, including Spanish, French, Italian and more.
  • Customer Driven
    The Kenexa Prove It! team continually works with clients’ business needs to drive the performance and development of products and services. Customization is available, including?look and feel, custom reports, integration into talent management systems and proprietary test content.
  • Industry-Leading Customer Service
    Kenexa Prove It! offers free, live, phone support to both?candidates and customers. Our service hours accommodate our geographically diverse client base.
  • Identifies highly qualified candidates and?training needs, quickly and easily
    Detailed test results are generated immediately and?reports are easily interpreted.
  • Simulates desktop applications
    Interactive tests support the vast majority of shortcut?keys?applicants will not be adversely scored for using the most efficient means possible to answer questions.



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